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Our world is moving at a rapid pace, with technology propelling new capabilities and opportunities that once were never thought possible into nearly every sphere of our lives.‎

One such area that can greatly benefit from these developments is city planning and urban infrastructure. From reducing traffic congestion to creating more efficient water management solutions, the possibilities of applying smart technology to cities and municipalities are endless.‎

Citipal is excited to contribute to these innovations. We are a new startup focused on creating innovative solutions for smart cities and urban mobility. With our global network of partners, our experience in key development areas, and our infinite passion for the cause, Citipal is well primed to be the next big name in city planning technology



Our Story

Citipal is an early-stage startup designing technologies for city planning and urban development.  Founded in 2020, Citipal develops data-driven solutions that monitor and manage multiple municipal resources and services – for example, water and utilities, traffic and transportation, and security, to name a few.‎

In order to best adapt to different locales and to keep up with societal and industrial trends, Citipal incorporates multiple technologies into our products and solutions. Our team is skilled in big data, AI, biometrics, surveillance technology, and control systems, adeptly balancing industrial engineering with hi-tech innovation. ‎

Our Future

Citipal is currently developing its primary product offering, which ultimately seeks to serve as a central control hub that utilizes AI and big data to manage various municipal resources in one place. As part of that process, we develop specific solutions on an ad hoc basis in order to sharpen our technology and identify holes in existing smart systems and processes. ‎

Our Team

The Citipal team is small but skilled. Our management team handles internal affairs and business development. Our solutions team works with municipalities to secure contracts and conduct research on the type of services needed. And our R&D team turns that research into elegant and efficient products that digitally fuel cities. Our developers are particularly skilled at merging technological processes to create multi-faceted solutions that provide the oversight and management our clients are looking for. ‎

Our Partners

Citipal partners with international companies and municipalities to develop business contracts for everything from procurement to installation. At present, our biggest partners are based in Asia and Europe. These relationships facilitate the purchase of technology, research, product development, and other capabilities essential for our growth. ‎



Citipal merges various technological approaches to create wide-reaching solutions for municipal needs. We implement biometrics, cameras, and sensors that can track movement, energy usage, traffic, and other activities. Utilizing artificial intelligence and big data analysis, our technology can sift through that information and help local leaders make decisions about security, energy efficiency, transportation solutions, and more. These solutions not only allow for greater control over these areas, but also enable more instantaneous response and reactions. ‎

Ultimately, we design products that have practical applications within cities. These uses can include:‎



Cameras that can not only capture a crime being committed, but actually report the crime and trigger a police response instantly. Criminals are also more accurately identified, making it easier to catch them.


Parking lots that more accurately convey where and what parking is available, and also enforce payments for cars that go over the limit.‎


More accurately convey timing to passengers waiting for busses and trains, and also identify better routes or alternatives during high traffic times.‎


Cameras that can detect speeding and other road crimes in real time, and technology that can predict traffic, allowing local authorities to create better routes.‎


Enabling more efficient and eco-friendly waste processing by monitors that track bin capacity, sorters that can take out non-degradable waste, and smart recycling centers that assist in proper disposal.‎


By tracking energy and water management, municipalities can identify over-consumption and implement solutions. Additional capabilities for tracking air and water quality, as well as pollution control.‎

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